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Hello, Lovelies! Sending lots of love and happiness your way. Hope you all are doing great. “Change the world by being yourself ” – Amy Poehler. Let us start with today’s blog. Having some good Black and white photoshoot ideas & poses surely help you when it comes to show your creativity. When you have a good Instagram feed, it makes you feel good and elevated.

Black and White Photoshoot is in trend these days. Such pictures add different vibes to your Instagram feed. Black and white photos focus on your expressions and facial features. These black and white photos can be clicked without makeup on because they just focus on your expressions. Below are some amazing ideas and poses you can use to click black and white pictures. Let’s get started with today’s blog.

1. Bouquet of flowers

Bouquet of flower is a very good prop for a black and white photoshoot. It is so vibrant and colorful that even a black and white picture gets appealing. In this one we will keep the bouquet of flower near our face, covering our face up till our upper lip. We will hold it in our hands and then click some pictures. The results are shown below.

2. Flower Background in black and white photoshoot

Take some flowers (artificial or original). Choose a wall that you want as your background. Then place the camera in front. Locate where your head will be while shooting. Then according to that put some flowers on the background will help of tape. Put them in such a way that they look beautiful around your head. Then you are all set to click beautiful pictures. Let’s have a look at the results

3. Black and white photoshoot, the Silence

For this one you will not be needing anything extra. You will just need your hand and right expressions to have this shot. Make sad kind of face or little mysterious type. You don’t need to smile or laugh in this one. The more sharp your expressions be, the more amazing the outcome you will have. So put your finger on your lips and give a sharp expression. You can also give sexy or appealing expressions beacause it will also match this kind of vibe. Below are some examples for you but you can surely bring out some more beautiful ideas using them.

4. Being Mysterious

Black and white photoshoot requires the involvement of expressions and sharp looks. You can make a black and white picture look beautiful just being sharp at expressions. So for this one we will again not be using any prop. The only thing we need again is our hand and face. Take your palm and put it in such a way that it hides half of your face. You need to look kinda mysterious as you are hiding great amount of grief and sorrow in yourself. Or it could be like you are sad from your past or something or maybe just an expression which do not relate to your past or anything. Let us move on to the results

5. Happy bubbly girl in black and white pictures

For this one you will be needing a flower, a single flower. You will have to put the flower above your ear. Choose a bright color flower that will make the picture look more beautiful. Keep your face either on left or right. Remember you don’t have to look exactly in left or right but at a 45-degree angle. Results below will make it more clear for you how to have to keep your face and eyes. If you are keeping your face on the right side then put the flower on the right side too and vice versa. Lets see the results below to know what exactly is to be done.

6. Web around you

The name is kinda funny I know but this the common one which you see these days. For this one you will need a cloth which has holes in it. Or you can either use a dupatta of net fabric. Holes in clothes doesn’t mean that you have to use an old or torn cloth, it should have a design like that. What exactly it should look like is shown below, so no need to worry. Then you need to place it around your camera And put your head inside it. I know just by reading, its not easy to get what I’m saying so you can watch my video on youtube if you are facing any problem. Everything is explained in it very clearly, Results are shown below.

7. Clipart

This one is quite interesting. What you have to do is that you have to draw some clipart below your eyes or anywhere you are convenient to draw it. I have drawn it using macrons. You can draw any shape, I have chosen stars to draw. You can also draw heart, kites, or anything. After you finish drawing it then click some random pictures showing and highlighting your clipart. Results are shown below.

If you face any problem you can watch the vedio

So this was all for today. Hope you like my ideas and enjoyed them. Do comment below which among them was your favourite and if you want more of such blogs. I clicked all the photos using my mobile phone and tripod stand. Before this, I have also posted a blog for traditional photoshoot ideas and poses. Soon I will Be posting a blog on Self-portrait Aesthetic ideas and poses. HOPE you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy making them. Thankyou GUYS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT.

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